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Evi Moisiadou has been practicing yoga since 2009, while has been teaching since 2015 as a certified yoga instructor of 200h in Yogaworks System with Anna Zorzou , 300h advanced Teacher Training and Aerial Yoga in Swaha Yoga Center with Tanya Popovich, Shri Gaia Institute; Yin Yoga Yogawise with David Kim; Restorative Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain and Postural Restoration with Michali Evagelidi Mahatma.

Her teaching combines the knowledge of different teachers and styles of yoga that came across her way stired with her internal spring of self inspiration. Leading classes with  the Conscious Intention of connecting   the body-mind -feeling-imagination statuses onto a homogenous entity of one´s Self during the practice and  expanding it ,later, into every-day living.

Empasizes equally on the anatomical alligment with respect to the musculoskeletal uniqueness of every body as well as on the energetic alignment  balancing the energy centers of the body  while conscious breathing . Prioritizes the maximum benefit of each practitioner and safety than the aesthetics of the poses .

Embraces teaching others as a gift of endless learning of the Self. Believes that if you can breath you can do yoga. Truly Empowered by being   consiously greatful remains always a student with the life philosophy that we are the breath, we are the breather and we are the one being breathed.

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