In vinyasa practise, the trainees regulate the movement with the breathing from one pose to another. Ashtanga yoga, baptiste yoga, Jivamukti, Power Yoga and Prana Flow could all be considered as vinyasa yoga. Moreover, 'vinyasa' is a term which describes a specific position flow (Chaturanga to Upward facing dog to Downward-facing dog), which is constantly be used in the vinyasa practise.



The secret of a healthy body in a good physical condition lays firstly in the right function and cooperation of the skeleton muscles. This is accomplished through the flexibility and elasticity. Therefore, the stretching exercises and this lesson includes practices which have been put together in order to develop muscle, elasticity and joints' flexibility in or out of the hammock.  

Waterfall Pose


Aerial yoga is a kind of practise which combines the standard yoga positions with the strengthening of the body offered by the air swing (lack of gravity) while the trainee is inside a hammock.

Pilates Stretches


Mat Pilates offers an overall strength, flexibility, movement adjustment and balance. Joining all these together, one can benefit of a daily life improvement, of a better blood circulation and of pain relief wif suffering from physical imbalance, such as scoliosis, kyphosis etc. Body strength improvement refers to flat belly muscles, strong back, tight buttocks and accented thighs. The uniqueness of this method lays on the exercises' variety.


Aerial Yoga for kids

Aerial yoga provides training combined with a hammock and the air. Through a sequence of playful exercises, the body works out. However, the greatest challenge in this lesson is that the child learns to control each movement. This means that he is completely focusing themselves in the present. In this lesson, the best friend practise of the child is self-consiousness and attention. Though a series of exercises, the child strengthen their bodies; moreover, through the reverse poses, their brain oxygenates, their cell develope and their hearts rests. Through this practise, the child overcomes their fears, and develope their self-esteem! They learn to breath properly, play within a team and at the end to calm down.

* This lesson applies to ages 5-12y.o

Reservations are requested